Valorant Players Will Be Able To Play Deathmatches in Queue Soon

Abhimannu Das
20/Nov/2020 09:42 am

Valorant may soon get a Deathmatch queue option when searching for games.
The feature was confirmed to be a work-in-progress by developer "techlead" on Reddit.
The game may also get AI bots in the future for custom games and to help new players learn mechanics.

Valorant may be getting a ton of changes soon with the most recent Q&A blog confirming tournament realms, in-game leaderboards, server data transfers, and more. Players in the community have been requesting changes to the Practice Range and Deathmatch mode for months. Others have asked for practice matches to be enabled against bots during queues. While matchmaking is quick for most of the player base, anyone who is at Diamond or above faces higher than usual queue times. Being able to play Deathmatch and practising against bots might be considered for the future.

Valorant Team Considering Deathmatch Availability While in Queue

ValorantThe addition of Deathmatches will reduce the number of smurfs in ranked. Image by Riot Games

Overwatch added the ability to queue up in custom games, Deathmatch modes, or simply play versus AI during queues for both quick play and competitive play. Valorant could benefit greatly from such a feature and to everyone’s surprise, one of the Valorant devs responded to the issue on Reddit. He revealed that playing deathmatch in while queue is something the dev team wants to implement. But first, developers need to build the technology to allow players to join a match in progress. If Deathmatches get abandoned, it would make the whole system pointless. 

The Valorant team wants to work towards a system that will allow players to connect to Deathmatches while also allowing a backfill option for the lobbies. Updates need to be made to the platform, the game server, and the game client to enable the feature. Radiant players suffer from long queue times the most and it leads to smurfing. Players often create fresh accounts so they can play at a lower ELO rating. Getting access to Deathmatch should alleviate the smurfing issue greatly. 

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Valorant May Also See AI Bots Get Added to Custom Games

ValorantValorant may also receive AI bots for custom games in the future. Image by Riot Games

AI Bots may get added to the game as well, with developer “techlead” talking about how fragging bots might be a great learning experience for new players. Adding AI to custom matchmaking will help players warm-up or blow off steam after playing ranked. There are bots in the training range and tutorial but they are due for an upgrade before being considered for deathmatches and custom games. The team is currently experimenting with bots and we may be able to play against bots sometime in the future. 

Both of these additions will help the Valorant community, especially players from higher ranks. There is currently no word on when either feature will roll out to the game’s live servers but it’s great to know that the team is currently working on these much-requested features. The game will also receive its own tournament realms mode after the Valorant First Strike event which will help pro players choose which patches to play on and have custom tournaments. 

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