Indian Valorant Pro Rite2ace Makes It to Top 100 Leaderboard

Abhimannu Das
18/Nov/2020 07:35 am

Velocity Gaming professional Rite2ace has made it to the Valorant APAC Top100 Leaderboard for November.
The first time an Indian player made it to the leaderboards was in October when Mohit ‘Spawn’ Wakle made it to #78 on the same leaderboard.
Rite2Ace is an ex-CS:GO professional with over 10 years of FPS gaming experience and multiple ESL India Championship wins.

Riot Games released its Top 100 Leaderboards for all regions and for the second time ever, we have an Indian pro make it to the list. Tejas ‘Rite2ace’ Sawant is currently ranked #73 on the APAC leaderboard. Rite2Ace is a part of Velocity Gaming, which is presently the number one Valorant team in India. Velocity Gaming is currently #2 in team rankings in the APAC leaderboard on The first time an Indian player made it to the leaderboards was in October when Mohit ‘Spawn’ Wakle made it to #78 in the APAC leaderboard. 

Rite2Ace Career Overview

Rite2Ace ValorantRite2Ace is currently the highest-ranked Valorant pro in India.
Image by Yuki_Yujen Chen

Rite2Ace is an ex-CSGO player who was part of Global Esports. He has over ten years of experience in CS, which includes CS 1.6. He moved on to Valorant in May 2020. Currently aged 27, he is considered to be among the most experienced Indian players. His achievements include qualifying for ESL: One Cologne (2014) where he represented Team Wolf. It was the first and only time an Indian team made it to a CSGO Major. During his CSGO career, Rite2Ace earned 4 ESL India Championships. He signed up with Global Esports before deciding to move on to Valorant.

After moving on the Valorant, he became the first Radiant ranked player from India. With ten titles under the belt with his teammates at Valorant Gaming, Rite2Ace is currently among the best players in the APAC region. His teammates at Velocity are Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Baid, Sabyasachi ‘Antidote’ Bose, Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma, Karan ‘Excali’ Mhanswadkar, Sagnik ‘hellff’ Roy. The team is currently competing in the TEC Challenger Series 4 and will be a part of the PVP Esports Tournament in Singapore scheduled in December.

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What Are the Other Valorant Top 100 Leaderboards Looking Like?

Valorant Top 100 LeaderboardsJett is the most used agent in both NA and EU's Top 100 leaderboards
Image by Riot Games

The NA leaderboard features TenZ at the number one spot followed by DOINKMACHINE97 and AsunaCS. A majority of the players in the North American leaderboard main Jett. In the European region, ALIVE is currently the number one player. He is followed by bramz and GO LoWkii. Similar to NA, a majority of the players rely on Jett’s abilities. Her one-hit kill potential and flashy playstyle make her popular at the top level of ranked and competitive play. Riot Games has not pushed out an in-game leaderboard, but once it is implemented, players will be able to see real-time ranked leaderboards for each region. The next Valorant leaderboard will be featured by Riot in December 2020, and we hope more talented Indian players make it to the list! 

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