Shroud Thinks That FPS Games Should Stop Focusing on Realism

Vignesh Raghuram
28/Oct/2020 08:21 am

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has always been vocal about his opinions and has genuinely tried to make FPS titles better by providing developers with honest feedback. In a recent stream, the Twitch star stated that modern FPS titles should stop focusing on realism and instead start getting the basics like balance, gameplay, and shooting right.

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Shroud’s Thoughts on Realism in FPS titles

Shroud when playing ‘Escape from Tarkov’ stated that he would prefer it if developers stopped putting so much focus on realism.

“Personally, I don’t care how realistic your game is,” he said. “I think when it comes to balancing you kinda have to throw IRL out the window, right? I think the best games come up with their own shooting style, rather than just using real-life as their guideline.

That’s like the most important thing about an FPS, they got to make it fun”

Segment starts at 3:48 in the video below.

Shroud has been quite vocal about ‘Realism’ in FPS titles recently. Earlier this year, the popular streamer stated that he would want the weapons in his ideal FPS game to look realistic.

“I wouldn’t want [the weapons] to look like Rust. I want [them] to look more like Tarkov, where it’s got that realistic kind of look to it.”

However, just weeks later, he seemingly flipped his views, when he called out Rainbow Six Siege for being too realistic by stating that it was “ruining competitive integrity”.

“Rainbow Six Siege strives itself to be a competitive tactical shooter, but then they do so many little things that are so unnecessary that people don’t notice or care for except for just ruining competitive integrity. 

If you reload on zero bullets, or one bullet, the reload time is different. Yes, I get it, I know why, real gun, bullet in the chamber but it’s a competitive game. The reload time of a weapon should be the exact same, no matter the situation.”

Shroud at DreamHack AstroShroud was extremely critical of Rainbow 6 Seige earlier this year
Image via DreamHack

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There never really is going to be a right opinion with regards to this debate. Some players are simply going to enjoy games with fun gameplay mechanics whilst others would prefer their games to resemble IRL as much as possible.

The good thing about this is that there are plenty of choices out there with multiple developers who have different ideologies, designing multiple different FPS game titles. Gamers out there have plenty of options out there as a result, allowing them to pick and choose an FPS title that best suits their preferred style.


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