Riot Games Announces 2021 Esports Plans For Competitive VALORANT in SEA

Aditya Singh Rawat
14/Oct/2020 06:04 pm

Riot Games SEA announces 2021 esports and collegiate plans for competitive VALORANT.
Riot Games has partnered with 7 organizers to host events in different Southeast Asian countries.
Some of these partner organizers will also be hosting regional qualifiers for 'VALORANT First Strike'.

After the successful completion of the ‘VALORANT Ignition Series’ the developers are keen to grow the title in Southeast Asia as Riot Games has come forward to announce their 2021 esports and collegiate competitive plans for VALORANT. 

Starting next year multiple regional tournaments will provide players from across SEA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong an opportunity to compete in official VALORANT tournaments both at a professional and a collegiate level.

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2021 Esports And Collegiate Competitive VALORANT Plans For SEA

Riot Games will be joining forces with seven organizations to organize tournaments in various regions across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. An official competitive structure and schedule of all the tournaments which will be taking place in 2021 will soon be announced.

The partnered organizations which will be working together with Riot Games Southeast Asia to organize the various esports and collegiate tournaments in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are as follows,

  • The Gaming Company will be organizing all pro-level events for Singapore while Professional Gamers League and Eliphant will organize all collegiate tournaments in Singapore.

  • The Gaming Company will be hosting both pro-level and collegiate tournaments in Malaysia.

  • ESL will be organizing all pro-level and collegiate tournaments in Thailand.

  • ONE Up will be hosting all pro-level and collegiate tournaments in Indonesia.

  • Mineski will organize all pro-level events in Philippines while Mineski and AcadArena will host all collegiate tournaments in Philippines as two separate organizers.

  • Talon will host all pro-level and collegiate tournaments in Hong Kong along with organizing all pro-level tournaments in Taiwan.

  • Taiwan Mobile and TeSL will be hosting all collegiate tournaments in Taiwan.

These organizers will be taking care of all the official VALORANT tournaments in their respective countries. The pro-level tournaments will act as precursors to the largest regional and international tournaments while the collegiate events will give students a chance to directly experience the thrill of competing in tournaments.

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VALORANT First Strike Qualifiers

The partner organizations mentioned above will also be running the regional qualifiers for ‘VALORANT First Strike’ which is a global tournament aimed at crowning the first VALORANT champion of each region. The appointed partners along with the registration dates are as follows,

  • Mineski for the Philippines. Registration starts 14th October. [Click Here]
  • ESL for Thailand. Registration starts 14th October. [Click Here]

  • ONE Up for Indonesia. Registration starts 14th October. [Click Here]

  • The Gaming Company for Singapore. Registration starts 17th October. [Click Here]

  • The Gaming Company for Malaysia. Registration starts 17th October. [Click Here]

  • Talon for Taiwan and Hong Kong. Registration starts 1st November. [Click Here]


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