Shroud Confirms Return to Twitch

Shounak Sengupta
12/Aug/2020 07:10 am

Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek has announced that he will return to streaming later today. The streamer has been on a break since Mixer shut down and had only dropped a few teasers and hints since then. Yesterday, he confirmed that he will be be returning to Twitch, the platform he originally started out with and built his community on. In the announcement video, Shroud went on to mention that he will be 'coming home'. Grzesiek's  stream will go live at 11 AM PST (11:30 PM IST) on August 12. 

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Shroud's Return To Twitch

This will be Shroud's first stream on Twitch since October 24, 2019 when he announced that he would be moving to Mixer. But with Microsoft's streaming platform having shut shop last month, one of the most conversed topics among gamers was where high profile names such as Shroud and Ninja would go to. While Ninja is yet to commit to a platform and has been seen on both YouTube and Twitch in recent weeks, Shroud's announcement makes it clear that he will be exclusive on Twitch. Retweets from Twitch also point to the same. 

Along with the announcement, Shroud also revealed his new brand identity, featuring a new logo and design for his brand. Hints and teasers related to this have been dropped by him over the last week. Dubbed as the 'King of Reddit' for his insane skill on most FPS titles, Shroud has been one of gaming's top content creators for a long time now. His announcement was one of the most anticipated ones in the streaming community and all of his fans will be happy to see him back on the platform where he found most of his success. 

As for which game he will play on his return, he does have quite a few options to work with. VALORANT is of course one of the top choices as it fits right into Shroud's skillset. He could also try a new title such as Rogue Nation, which has had favorable reviews. However, given that it is his comeback stream, it is more likely that he sticks to games that his fans love watching him play. Another option could be Apex Legends, which recently launched Season 6. This was the game which Shroud found tremendous success with, climbing to the top of Twitch, in the first half of 2019. 

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