Union Gaming Crowned Champions of Six Major, South Asia Regional Division

Shounak Sengupta
8/Aug/2020 07:39 am

A Sri Lankan esports organization, Union Gaming, comprising players from India and Bangladesh have emerged victorious in the Six Major, South Asia Regional Division. Originally the division was supposed to roll up to a larger APAC Finals and then the Major itself, but the currently ongoing global pandemic has forced the organizers to opt for a different format. The Asia Division has been separated into the North Asia, Oceania and South Asia divisions. 

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A Clean Sweep for Union Gaming

The team were the absolute best in the region, having absolutely crushed the competition on their way to the win. While they did have a bit of a blip during the South Asia Nationals, where they lost the finals to KIRA Esports, the team had little trouble in dispatching teams in the Division Finals, and went 7-0 across the two matches. 

National champions, KIRA may have been the favorites coming into the competition but faced an early exit at the hands of Union in the semi finals. The 7-3 score lines on Kafe and Clubhouse show just how much match preparation and map strength matter in Siege. In the other semifinals, MonkaS were soundly beaten by MercenarieZ, with a 7-3 and 7-0 on Villa and Theme Park. 

The finals were a one-sided affair with UG coming down hard in a 3-0 affair. All three maps - Theme Park, Clubhouse and Oregon ended in a 7-5 scoreline. Thatcher was banned across all maps in the entire playoffs stage which made for an interesting meta. UG had quite a few tricks up their sleeves including some really interesting stuff with Kapkan on Theme Park. The win nets the team 7500 USD along with 275 SI points. Six Invitational points will be crucial to those looking to qualify for the biggest Siege event in a calendar year. Of course, South Asia being the newest region in the R6 competitive circuit, had the least amount of SI points and prize pool associated with the region.

Nonetheless, it's still a big step for the region to be included in the global circuit and presents a very unique opportunity that doesn't necessarily exist for other PC titles. South Asia has a very sizable Siege player base and with time and opportunity the region could be seen represented on the bigger world stages such as the Pro League finals or even the Six Invitational. 

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