Na’Vi Might be Looking to Sign a VALORANT Roster

Aditya Singh Rawat
5/Aug/2020 01:02 pm
  • Na'Vi is monitoring the development of VALORANT in the CIS region.
  • COO of Na'Vi has hinted that the organization might sign a strong VALORANT lineup.
  • He also revealed that Na'Vi had engaged in talks with one of CIS regions top VALORANT roster.

One of the biggest and most notable esports organisation in the world Natus Vincere recently put forth its views on entering the latest tactical first-person shooter by Riot Games, VALORANT.

Aleksey “xaoc” Kucherov who is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Na’Vi in an interview with CYBERSLOVO spoke about the organization’s plans concerning their entry into VALORANT amongst many other things like their expansion to Berlin, their academy teams, performance in the first half of the year, and many other things.

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Na’Vi Might Sign a VALORANT Roster

In a recent interview with a Russian website, Kucherov spoke on a lot of topics including their plans on stepping into VALORANT. In his response, Kucherov stated that though Na’Vi is actively monitoring the development of the title in the CIS region so far they have not witnessed proper lineups participating in tournaments. Apart from this he also mentioned that “There is no clear monetization opportunity for organizations at the moment.” 

While this may be the case, he says that Na’Vi is ready to invest in the CIS Valorant community by possibly acquiring “A strong team with an aim to attract the fan base towards the new discipline.”

This is huge for the CIS region as it has not witnessed a lot of VALORANT rosters come forth from the native esports organizations unlike other regions like Europe and North America.

Current State of VALORANT in CIS Region

Recently WePlay! A Ukrainian esports organizer had conducted one of the biggest VALORANT invitational tournaments featuring a $50,000 prize pool that was also a part of the ‘Ignition Series’. 

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Unfortunately, no proper VALORANT team from the CIS region was present in the tournament except for PartyParrots who disbanded a few weeks back. ForZe has not been considered because despite being a Russian esports organization it fields a Belarusian dominated lineup.

PartyParrots before disbanding had some discussions with Na’Vi but were not signed by them despite being the best VALORANT team in the region at the time because according to Kucherov they failed to come to a common conclusion. He goes on to say that Na’Vi is still keen on signing a CIS lineup and develop their scene while also keeping an eye out at the numbers!

This is the current state of the game in the CIS region. In my opinion, Na’Vi stepping up to field a VALORANT roster could be the much-needed boost that the region is in need of. Other organizations from the region might get the confidence to come forth and sign their respective lineups as well, which could then lead to further growth in fan base followed by more regional VALORANT tournaments.


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