Raze Disabled From VALORANT as Faulty Patch Goes Live

Shounak Sengupta
5/Aug/2020 07:11 am

Act II of VALORANT has officially kicked off but it has been less than an ideal start. Hours after the patch dropped, Riot Games announced that Raze would be disabled temporarily as there were bugs with her ultimate, Showstopper. Additionally, the newest playground on the game, Ascent would also be disabled temporarily from competitive matchmaking due to a faulty wall on the map. 

Faulty Patch goes Live

Act II was meant to be a big moment in the already popular title, but it seems that Riot may have been a bit too hasty with its release. Other than the issues with Raze and Ascent, Riot also revealed that there were FPS issues with AMD GPUs. The latest patch, 1.05 has brought quite a few changes to the game, but there seems to be a cost involved. Riot has also announced yesterday that employees will be going on a planned summer break till August 20, which is when the next patch is set to go live. Currently, it's not clear whether an unplanned patch will be released to fix the ongoing issues. 

Ascent - ValorantAscent is also disabled from the competitive mode

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Going into Act II, we may have clearly underestimated the nerf that Raze was receiving. In the patch notes, it was revealed that both Blast Pack and Showstopper would be receiving nerfs. In an earlier patch, 1.04, Raze's ultimate was also nerfed and began costing 7 ultimate points instead of 6. The series of changes is aimed at limiting the plays Raze can make an reduce her impact. When the game was initially released, Raze also received a significant amount of flak from the community as they felt that she was overpowered and reduced the skill ceiling in the game. 

Other changes in Act II include the addition of the Free-for-all death match mode, the addition of a new agent, Killjoy and the beginning of a new competitive season. The ones who have gotten a chance to try out Killjoy have also described her to be a strong agent with a game changing ultimate ability. The new battle pass as also been released in Act II and sees a whole new track of unlockables, skins and drops. Bug fixes and quality of life changes are also part of the release. Click here to read the full patch notes. 

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