OPG CEO Sexual Harassment Claims Lead To Multiple Streamers Leaving

Shounak Sengupta
22/Jun/2020 11:37 am
  • The Online Performer's Group is a Talent Management Company focused on managing streamers and content creators. 
  • Nearly 50 of the 73 streamers partnered with OPG have announced that they will be cutting ties with the company. 

Talent management company, Online Performers Group were in the midst of one of gaming’s biggest controversies as CEO Omeed Dariani was accused of sexual harassment by Overwatch’s Community Development leaf, Molly Ayala. The allegations, which Omeed did not deny, coupled with a hasty reply which immediately drew the attention of many people in the gaming, streaming and esports communities eventually leading to several major content creators signed to OPG choosing to leave the company. Dariani has since stepped down as CEO of OPG, but with his wife still running the show, few were convinced that the move actually meant anything. 

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Multiple Sexual Harassment Claims Surface Online

The post was a part of a larger movement that began within the Destiny community and has also sparked a series of allegations brought forth by various members of the community, against names such as CS:GO’s HenryG, popular YouTuber, ProSyndicate and Dota 2 caster’s Grandgrant and Zyori. Ayala posted a twitlonger, talking about an experience with Dariani, wherein he propositioned her to have a sexual encounter with him and his wife in 2014. While Molly said no and left the conversation, Omeed’s position in the industry and the fact that he could influence Molly’s career over it, put a great deal of pressure on her. According to her, the incident pointed to a larger pattern of predatory behavior by Dariani and Ayala said that she knows of another instance where Dariani tried to use his position of power to try and exploit someone else. 

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CohhCarnage, Dodger, Strippin and More Leave OPG

Sam and Brooke Thorne aka Strippin and Dodger

Gamer and streamer couple, Sam and Brooke Thorne have cut ties with OPG | Images via Twitter/Twitch

In the wake of these allegations, several high profile streamers have cut ties with OPG. Some of the bigger names include Sam and Brooke Thorne aka Strippin and Dodger, CohhCarnage, Anthony Konghphan, Gassy Mexican, Sacriel and Towellie. While OPG’s clientele are largely streamers and internet personalities, they also have a few mainstream clients such as rapper T-Pain and metal band, Dragonforce. As per our estimates, over 48 of OPG’s 73 signed talents have announced their plans of moving away from the company. 


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