Professional COD Player calls the Call of Duty League a “Joke” after Ridiculous Mixup.

Vignesh Raghuram
10/May/2020 10:27 am
  • One of the players competing in the Call of Duty League was not in his chair when the officials started a game.
  • The team tried to bring attention to this and tried to get the league to restart the game. But the officials opted to play on.
  • The team ended up losing the round which caused many viewers (including pro players, casters) to question the competitive integrity of the league.

The Call of Duty League (CDL) has been touted as the crowning jewel of the COD esports scene featuring an impressive $6,000,000 prize pool and 12 of the best teams in the game. Unfortunately, they ran into some issues today which caused multiple pro players to start questioning the competitive integrity of the league.

What Happened?

At the start of a match between Atlanta FaZe and the London Royal Ravens at the Call of Duty League's Florida Home Series, one of London’s players: Matthew "Skrapz" Marshall was not at his seat due to a miscommunication off-stream. Hence, London’s players began shooting each other, to indicate that there was an issue.

The commentators also thought that the map was going to be restarted. 

Meanwhile, Atlanta FaZe took a huge lead while London tried to contest and stop the round. Despite many viewers (including pro players, casters) calling for a restart, the CDL officials opted to let the round continued as normal. The end result was a 250-104 scoreline and a map win for the Atlanta FaZe.

Skrapz Calls the CDL “An Absolute Joke”

After the end of the game, Skrapz went on Twitter and explained why he did not load into the game in time. 

According to the player, he was not at his chair and did not respond when the Referee asked if he was ready. Despite, the lack of response which indicated that he wasn’t ready, the CDL referee chose to go ahead and start the game.

He stated that the team was trying to get CDL to restart the game because of this, but the officials just said: "No you gotta play".

Their opponents, Atlanta FaZe’s coach James "Crowder" Crowder also expressed his displeasure at the fact that the map couldn't be restarted or replayed.

Fellow Call of Duty professionals, Austin "SlasheR" Liddicoat and Bryan "Apathy" Zhelyazkov also questioned the decision making from CDL and expressed solidarity with London Royal Ravens.

Author’s Opinion: It is just silly to see the Call of Duty League (which reportedly requires a $25 million buy-in for the teams) has hired admins and referees who seem to struggle to handle simple problems like in-game lag or the above-mentioned issue, this poorly.

However, it is heartening to see so many COD professionals offer solidarity and strive for competitive integrity. It certainly is something that the rest of the esports world can learn from.


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