TikTok Partners with CSL to Host the TikTok Cup Featuring a $60,000 Prize Pool

Aditya Singh Rawat
28/Apr/2020 04:56 am

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  • TikTok has entered a partnership with Collegiate StarLeague to announce an esports tournament.

  • The TikTok Cup will feature a $60,000 prizepool along with 4 gaming titles, split across 8 tournaments.

  • The tournament will take place in two phases, with the Finals of each tournament being broadcasted live on CSL's Twitch channel. 

Short-form video content platform TikTok has entered a partnership with Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) to bring an esports tournament called the TikTok Cup, featuring a prizepool of $60,000 across 4 gaming titles including CS:GO, “to support education expenses.”

The 4 gaming titles which will be a part of this online collegiate league are CS:GO, League of Legends, Fortnite, and Rocket League. In totality, the TikTok Cup will consist of eight individual tournaments split into two phases, the first phase will take place from 9th - 10th May with the registrations currently underway, while the second phase will be held from 16th - 17th May with the registrations taking place from 11th May.

The top four teams from each tournament will make their way into their respective ‘Finals’ which will be broadcasted on CSL’s official Twitch channel.

Broadcast Schedule for the Finals of each Tournament

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The tournament will be taking place online and is only open to students who are currently enrolled in an accredited university or college in the United States. All the events are team-based, and the “teams must be made up wholly of students enrolled at the same school.” So picking the best players from across the region to make a super team is prohibited however, the top players from the same school can still come together.

The Prizepool Breakdown of each Tournament

A maximum of 128 teams can participate in each of the Fortnite and Rocket League tournaments, while only 64 teams will be able to participate in the League of Legends and CS:GO competitions. Interested players can form their own teams and register for the tournament by clicking HERE.

In addition to all this, any college student can submit their gaming TikTok videos to #TikTokCupContest to win some more prizes, with CSL competitors getting an opportunity to win additional gear and cash prizes, through their player-submitted videos, the best of which will be featured during the Finals broadcast as well as on CSL's TikTok page.


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