NA Streamer Wins 200 Sub Bet After A 1v4 Clutch in Valorant

Shounak Sengupta
13/Apr/2020 08:40 am

Cover and thumbnail via @Moxy

The release of Valorant has players from all communities excited and has come as a big blessing for some streamers and content creators. One such streamer recently found himself in such a similar situation, as his friends and teammates offered him free subs if he clutched out a 1v4.

Primarily known for being an Overwatch streamer, Moxy like many others has been on a Valorant spree since the game’s beta release. In a game with other popular content creators, such as Yassuo and BTC, Moxy found himself in a 1v4 situation with the Spike yet to be planted. Already at match point, his teammates offered to give him a 100 subs each if he could pull off the clutch. 

However, on the other side were other Overwatch streamers and personalities such as OGE, who decided to try and knife Moxy as they were already on match point with a 7 round cushion. This obviously did not work as Moxy took down the 4 players rather easily. Both Yassuo and BTC gave out their 100 subs shortly after. 

The current spree of Valorant streamers and content creators has everyone excited. What has been your favorite clip from recent streams?


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