Facebook Gaming Launches Tournaments - The Next Big Thing In Esports?

Nishant Patel
8/Apr/2020 05:52 am

Facebook Gaming has announced a new feature called Facebook Tournaments which allows users to run competitions from start to finish on the platform. This includes features such as registrations, seeding participants, managing brackets and score entry - functions that are essential for organizing competitions.

Facebook Tournaments is in early access and currently, the platform supports a variety of formats such as Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Round Robin for both single and team tournaments. Additionally, it has announced plans to support the Swiss format in the near future.

The social media platform stated that it is building a one-stop shop for everything critically important for tournament organizers, while offering better discovery and functionality for tournament participants and an easy way to connect for developers and communities.

Gaming livestreams on Facebook have seen immense popularity, particularly in the South East Asian region with gaming influencers broadcasting live to thousands of fans daily via the platform. Streamers of multiplayer games/esport titles such as PUBG MOBILE and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can now use Facebook Tournaments as a way to engage with their fans and communities through casual competitions native on Facebook.

AFK’s take: This new launch makes Facebook Gaming a competitor to both casual gaming and esports tournament platforms. If successful, it could disrupt the way tournaments are managed and consumed online similar to how social media disrupted forums across the internet.

Tournament management platforms such as Battlefy, Toornament and Challonge could face difficulties differentiating themselves from Facebook Tournaments. While platforms such as FACEIT and SoStronk do offer additional features such as automated match lobby hosting, replay file parsing and other features that require integration with game APIs, it remains to be seen whether or not Facebook Tournaments will take steps in this direction.


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Nishant is a co-founder of AFK Gaming and is well versed with esports in Asia. He has an in-depth understanding of the Indian esports business ecosystem.