VALORANT Rises to the top of Twitch with 1.6 Million Concurrent Viewers

Aditya Singh Rawat
7/Apr/2020 03:58 pm

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  • VALORANT reaches the front of Twitch with 1.6 million concurrent viewers.

  • 50,000 closed beta keys being dropped by various streamers on Twitch.

With the release of VALORANT’s closed beta, the game has once again reached the front of Twitch with more than 1.6 million concurrent viewers actively watching multiple streamers play the game live.

VALORANT Reaches the Front of Twitch with 1.6 Million Viewers

The fact that around 50,000 beta keys are being dropped by particular streamers, is a big reason behind the users hoarding onto Twitch. But another problem that has surfaced due to this is, streams getting spammed with bot accounts in order to obtain a key.

Earlier when the embargo had been lifted on VALORANT, the game had just fallen short of a million concurrent viewers on Twitch. Now that the game is open to all the users with a key, and that the streamers are actually playing the game live, more people have shown interest in the game.

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Let’s see how the viewership of the game does once the beta key drops come to a stop, and everyone has witnessed all that the game has to offer. Personally I feel the viewership will start to struggle after a few weeks, as the viewers would themselves not be able to play the game and watching one that you have not tried out over and over again does get stale after a time.

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