Dota 2 Underlords adds Aces and Contraptions in New Patch

Vignesh Raghuram
31/Aug/2019 12:42 pm

Valve just dropped a major update for Dota Underlords that includes a number of new gameplay features in addition to various balance changes. These changes completely change the way the game is played and makes it stand out from other games in the genre like Teamfight Tactics and Drodo Autochess.

Ace Tier Heroes

The biggest change was the addition of ‘Ace Tier Heroes’. That's what five-star units are now called. In addition to their usual skills, they have special effects that activate when you build a full alliance. These special effects act like buffs to all the units you possess from that Alliance, provided at least one level of that alliance is enabled. The chance to find these Aces/five-star units in the shop was also increased by 15%.


Another major addition is the ‘Contraptions’- special items that can be placed on the battlefield. However, since they aren’t actually Hero units, so they are not considered in the calculation of the number of units. These devices will strengthen your army and support it during the battle by tanking spells and providing other utility.

Valve has also added a number of small balance changes to improve the quality of the game. 9-unit Alliances have also been removed from the game, allowing flexible builds and improving the viability of many heroes.

You can read the full patch notes HERE.


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