DeMoN Banned From DPC Due To Past Misconduct

Vignesh Raghuram
10/Jan/2021 10:08 am

DeMoN has been banned from the DPC due to his misconduct in past Dota 2 tournaments. His team will be allowed to compete with a replacement.
Earlier in June 2020, DeMoN was one of several Dota 2 personalities accused of sexual assault and other inappropriate behavior.
The player has denied these allegations and has stated that he would be approaching lawyers to clear his name.

The NA DPC League has officially banned Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho from competing in the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit due to allegations of misconduct at past Dota 2 tournaments. 

DeMoN banned from the NA DPC League due to ‘misconduct at previous Dota 2 tournaments’

Earlier today, the official social media handles of the NA DPC League announced that DeMoN was banned from competing in the NA regional leagues. 

DeMoN was allowed to compete in the open qualifiers with Team Aristotle and make his way to the closed qualifiers before he was removed from the league. Team Aristotle, in which he played in the NA DPC League, is allowed to find a replacement and continue to participate in the competition.

Criticism of DeMoN's ban

Fellow NA Dota 2 pro, Peter "PPD" Dager initially criticized the ban, stating that it was "sad shit". 

However, after Godz (Co-founder of BTS) stated that they had additional information about DeMoN's misconduct which was not made publicly available to 'protect the anonymity of the victim', PPD stated that he did not realize that there was more evidence that was behind closed doors when he made the previous Tweet.

NA streamer and NoPangolier player Lucas "luki luki" Shanks questioned the timing of the ban, to which Godz responded by apologizing for it.

DeMoN's response to the ban

DeMoN has responded by continuing to deny these allegations levied against him and specified that he never admitted to the actions he was accused of. 

The NA player has also stated that he would no longer be talking about this situation publicly and that he would be lawyering up to clear his name.

Earlier in June 2020, Eleine Sun (former Twitch staff) alleged that DeMoN had pulled her into a small space, held the door closed, and demanded that she kiss him. Popular community member, Ken “Hot_Bid” Chen also shared an anonymous allegation against DeMoN.

According to the incident shared by Hot_Bid, the anonymous accuser stated that DeMoN had touched her inappropriately against her wishes and only stopped when a BTS staff walked into the room.

Following this, Beyond the Summit announced that it would refrain from working with him in the future. 


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