Eurus Will Not Play For 4AM As Transfer Fee Remains Unpaid

Vignesh Raghuram
15/Nov/2020 08:06 am

ViCi Gaming had unsuccessful discussions with 4AM regarding the transfer of Eurus.
However, they allowed Eurus to join 4AM first and participate in their training and matches for the sake of the players.
However the transfer remains incomplete to this date, due to which Eurus will no longer be able to compete in 4AM.

Edit: Eurus' transfer has since been completed according to ViCi Gaming.

This transfer saga is still ongoing. Chinese carry Zhang "Eurus" Chengjun, aka ‘Paparazi’ recently joined the Elephant.4AM team after a long negotiation period with ViCi Gaming. Or atleast, that was what we thought. Apparently, the transfer is not yet complete with ViCi Gaming claiming that 4AM is yet to pay the transfer fee for Eurus.

Hence Eurus, who is still contracted to ViCi Gaming, will not be allowed to play for 4AM until the full transfer fee is paid.

ViCi Gaming Alleges That 4AM Is Yet To Pay The Transfer Fee For Eurus

Earlier today, ViCi Gaming made a post on Weibo claiming that the transfer of Eurus to 4AM is not yet complete.

“During this season's transfer period, ViCi Gaming had unsuccessful discussions with @Little Elephant Entertainment regarding the transfer of Zhang Chengjun (ID: Eurus). For the sake of the players, we made a concession and allowed Eurus to join the team first and participate in their training and matches.

However, to date, we have not yet decided on a payment date for Eurus' transfer fee, and we have been unable to complete the transfer procedures.

So moving forward, we have communicated that Eurus will not be able to play in the team (4AM) until we have settled his transfer fee.

We hope all fans will understand.”

ViCi Gaming's statement on Weibo regarding EurusImage via ViCi Gaming

At the time of writing, 4AM and Vici Gaming are playing in a match at China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2. Eurus is not playing in this matchup and has been replaced by a player named “Hide’.

4AM is yet to post a response regarding this matter.

Previous Transfer Issues With Elephant.4AM

On October 1, 4AM’s new lineup was announced featuring carry player Sylar. Initially, it was rumored that the club wanted to sign Eurus as their carry player, however, since negotiations with ViCi Gaming failed, the club had signed Sylar. 

In a massive shock to the Chinese Dota 2 community, shortly after, 4AM deleted their initial announcement which was then followed by reports of Sylar being replaced by Eurus. 

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Chinese coach rOtK was also set to join the organization but was pulled out in the last moments due to monetary issues that 4AM faced.

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Elephant.4AM then debuted at the CDA-FDC Professional Championship with Eurus in their team’s roster. However, it looks like it was merely a loan of sorts and that the team is still yet to officially sign Eurus to their lineup.

Elephant.4AM’s transfer policies have been criticized by many, including Team Secret’s CEO John Yao. The team has mishandled multiple transfers within the last few months which has left a bad taste amongst many in the Dota 2 community.

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For the time being, it looks like 4AM will be playing without their star carry Eurus until this dispute with ViCi Gaming is settled.


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