TNC Predator Fines Gabbi For His Remarks Against Hishiko

Vignesh Raghuram
11/Nov/2020 05:11 am

Gabbi has been fined by TNC Predator for the remarks he made yesterday.
He has also issued another public apology regarding this matter.
Earlier yesterday, Gabbi had made some sexist comments against Malaysian streamer Hishiko

Earlier yesterday, TNC Predator carry, Gabbi was caught making sexist remarks in a Dota 2 pub game against Malaysian streamer Hishiko. He posted comments such as “u talk too much for a girl” and “do u have (your) period right now” via all chat. Following this, Hishiko posted a Twitter thread where she publicized Gabbi’s remarks in-game. The player apologized shortly after, stating that he was annoyed by the constant bickering on All-Chat.

Gabbi Apologizes for his comments

However, the player has faced repercussions from his team TNC Predator as a result of these comments.

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Gabbi Fined by TNC Predator for his Remarks

Gabbi’s team TNC Predator stated that his behavior yesterday, was unacceptable, considering the fact that he is a professional player and hence a role model. The Filipino team also announced that they would be fining Gabbi and making sure that he doesn’t make such comments in the future.

TNC fines Gabbi for his remarksTNC fines Gabbi for his remarks

Gabbi Apologizes Once Again

TNC Predator carry Gabbi also issued yet another apology earlier today, stating that his sexist remarks were not acceptable and that pro players should set a better example. He also apologized to Hishiko once again and stated that he would use this experience to become a better person.

Hishiko has also deleted her Tweets on the matter after Gabbi requested her to do so, stating that she didn’t want to escalate it into a bigger issue.

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