Mudgolems Hand Team Secret’s First Series Loss Since June

Vignesh Raghuram
28/Oct/2020 07:39 pm

mudgolems pulls off a 2-0 victory over Team Secret at ESL One Germany 2020
This is Team Secret's first loss since June 2020
Team Secret will now face Alliance who just eliminated OG from the tournament

Against all odds, mudgolems have pulled off the impossible. They just handed Team Secret their first series loss since June 2020 bringing Team Secret’s undefeated streak to an end, pushing them down to the lower brackets of the ESL One Germany 2020.

This is only the third time that Team Secret has been pushed down to the Lower Bracket in the last six months and is the European giants’ first loss in over 20 series.

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Mudgolems Pulls Off An Impossible Win Over Team Secret

Game 1:

Mudgolems dominated the first game of the series with one of the more unorthodox drafts we’ve seen in ESL One Germany 2020. Every single player delivered, showing incredible tenacity against Team Secret.

Fata played out of his mind on his Undying, putting up a heck of a performance to ensure that mudgolems had the momentum heading into the mid-game phase. Mid laner BoraNija took control of the game from the mid-game phase, consistently trapping 3 plus heroes in his Arena of Blood giving his team the edge in teamfights, allowing mudgolems to extend their networth lead.

Fata at Epicenter 2019FATA had a 12/5/25 KDA on an Undying in Game 1 against Team Secret
Image via Epicenter

Team Secret was forced to rely on Zai’s Enigma to turn the game around as a result. But mudgolems vision advantage as well as itemization ensured that he never really was able to get off a big Black Hole to turn the game. With an overwhelming 40k+ net worth lead, mudgolems managed to take down Team Secret’s throne in Game 1.

Game 2:

The second game was a lot more even with both teams managing to trade blows in the early-mid game. But FATA managed to masterfully outsmart Team Secret, pulling off a sneaky Roshan and making some game-winning calls to allow them to edge out Team Secret in the late game, securing a 2-0 victory in this series.


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Team Secret will now be forced to navigate through the unfamiliar lower brackets after their loss. They will be facing Alliance in a BO3 elimination match. Team Secret has faced Alliance six times in the last 6 months and has won five of them.

Mudgolems on the other hand has just made a massive statement on the biggest Dota 2 tournament. They’ve showcased that they possess one heck of a Dota 2 roster with the ability to stand toe-to-toe against the very best of teams. They will be facing the winner of the Na’ matchup for a spot in the Grand Finals of ESL One Germany 2020.


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