Zai Praises Nigma & Na’Vi in ESL One Germany 2020

Vignesh Raghuram
24/Oct/2020 01:46 pm

Following Team Secret’s 2-1 victory over Nigma in the playoffs of ESL One Germany 2020. Ludwig "zai" Wåhlberg was called up for the winner’s interview by the crew hosting the tournament. In this mini-interview, they spoke about a ton of different topics which included discussions on Nigma, the hardest teams that Team Secret has had to face and the secret behind his team’s success amongst other topics.

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Zai Praises Nigma For Their Performance Against Team Secret.

Nigma took a game off Team Secret, which was quite a big achievement considering the latter’s recent winning streak. As a result, Zai ended up praising Miracle and co. for their performances.

“Nigma is always the team that can be really hot and cold at times. Today they showed up and they were extremely ready to play against us and I think they definitely caught us off guard in the 1st game. Then we kind of adjusted for Games 2 and 3 but they were definitely difficult matches for us and I don’t think we were as prepared as we should have been.”

Team Secret’s Toughest Challenges in ESL One Germany 2020

Zai was also asked to speak about teams that could do well against Team Secret. He stated that Nigma, Na’Vi and a few other dark horses would give them a tough fight.

“I would say Nigma are one of our hardest opponents usually, they’re quite good at figuring out what to do against us. 

But as for the other teams, I think a lot remains to be seen from the teams that start from the lower bracket. But Na’Vi is looking extremely good as a team and it seems like mudgolems,, and the like can also pop off… I am sure there are some dark horses left in the tournament.”

The Secret of Team Secret’s Success

Zai and Puppey at TI9Zai states that Team Secret hasn't really been affected by the pandemic as much as other team

When Zai was asked about what Team Secret had that other teams didn’t, he replied modestly by suggesting that it had something to do with consistency.

“I don’t know if there is a particular secret, but one thing that separates from the rest of the teams is that we haven’t really struggled with the pandemic situation. We’ve kind of been stationed in Europe and we haven’t had any players go missing or being unable to participate.

So since the beginning of this awkward season, we’ve kind of just been able to play and that kind of consistency, in the long run, adds up. I think it makes it easier for us than other teams that are struggling with a player missing here and there.”

Zai's Interview starts at 7:54:39

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Team Secret has moved on to the Semifinals of ESL One Germany 2020 where they are scheduled to take on the winner of the mudgolems vs Team Liquid matchup. A win here would guarantee them a Top 3 finish.


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