Miracle Reveals Who He Watches To Train His Invoker

Vignesh Raghuram
28/Aug/2020 11:58 am

Despite being one of the most popular players in the world, Nigma’s carry Amer "Miracle-" Al-Barkawi has always been somewhat of an introvert when it comes to public interaction. He rarely streams or talks in interviews. So it was quite a surprise to see him on an interview with Kyle on RuHub’s Youtube Channel.

In this interview, he spoke about how the lockdown affected Nigma, Tier 2-3 teams in Europe, why he doesn’t like streaming as well as whose Invoker he looks up to. Here are some of the more interesting conversations.

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Miracle- on whose replays he watched to train his Invoker

During the interview, Miracle- was asked whose replays he watched to get better at the game. Miracle answered that he looked up to a pubstar to hone his craft on his signature Invoker:

“It depends on the role. For example, right now, I am getting back to the Invoker and I forgot a lot of things about the hero. So I am watching a little bit of Sumiya, the Invoker guy. I watch him because he is a very good Invoker. I am trying to get back on track with the hero so I am watching him.”

Sumiya is a 9000 MMR+ Chinese Pubstar who is known for spamming Invoker. He has over 8000 games on Invoker and regularly streams on Chinese platform Douyu. He also uploads the highlights on his popular Youtube channel.

Miracle also spoke about how he prepares for the carry role, stating that he tended to look at his own replays and not others.

“On carry, I mostly look out for my own mistakes. What I could have done better? What I could have done here, in this situation? That’s bad on my part. I probably should be watching other carries and how they do it. But I kind of just focus on my own replays.”

Miracle speaks about why he doesn’t like to stream

Miracle stated that he doesn’t stream because he doesn’t like the way it distracts him from his gameplay.

“I am not really into streaming, to be honest, I guess I don’t like it. It is because when you stream, your focus is not 100% on your game. When you stream, your focus is somewhere else. 

Because you are streaming, people are watching. Maybe you do something weird and then it gets to you. But if you play without streaming, it is a completely different thing. You are 100% in the game, you are more focused and you are more into the game. 

I like to be completely focused on the game rather than streaming and focusing on the game at the same time. You can’t really do it, right? You always have something on the back of your head. So you’re not really in it. That’s why I don’t really like to stream.”

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Later in the interview, Miracle also revealed that he thought GH was Nigma’s best player when he was asked about it.

“GH, for sure. He is a beast. For me, he is the best player. He is very kind, but when you look at the game he is just a beast.”

Miracle GH Dota Boat

Nigma looks like they’re likely to claim a spot in the upper brackets of the WePlay Omega League playoffs. A win in their next game against Na’Vi on 29th August would guarantee their spot.


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