Nigma GH Confirms That He Is Fine After Explosion In Lebanon

Vignesh Raghuram
5/Aug/2020 09:26 am

Earlier yesterday, dozens of people were confirmed dead and thousands more injured after a massive explosion caused by a warehouse fire rocked Lebanon’s capital city of Beirut. Nigma’s beloved Lebanese Dota 2 player GH has confirmed that he is unharmed.

GH Confirms That He Is Safe

Considering the fact that Nigma’s support player Maroun "GH" Merhej is from Lebanon, fans were worried about his well-being after the massive explosion in Beirut. Thankfully, the support player Tweeted that he was safe, reassuring his all his followers after this explosion.

Following this, many well-known Dota 2 personalities and teams responded to the tweet stating that they were happy that the Team Nigma player was safe.

Talents Responding to GH

Teams Responding to GH Dota

Another Dota 2 Player’s Account of This Matter

A Redditor who claims to be from Beirut, Lebanon also posted a grueling retelling of the events that took place earlier today.

In a post titled: “My country Lebanon literally exploded today,” /u/Kane_398 talked about how the explosion happened right when he was playing Dota 2. It reads:

“I was playing a normal game today when I got thrown out of my chair and half the windows in my house are gone, our country's port is gone we are in hyperinflation my company is about to sack me for sure and I’m pretty sure the air I’m breathing is toxic as hell, but goddamnit I’m still gonna do my contracts. But I got assessed with abandon so **** me for being AFK.”

He also added that he helped out by donating Blood and thanked the Dota 2 community for sending him positive replies in the comments section.

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Let's remember that GH will be playing alongside Team Nigma in the OMEGA League Dota 2 in just a week's time.


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