TI10 Collector’s Cache Rares’ Drop Rate Calculated

Vignesh Raghuram
8/Jul/2020 02:42 pm

TI10 Battle Pass’ Collector’s Cache was released on in the early hours of Friday (3rd July 2020). It featured 18 sets out of which 3 were rare set drops for Tiny, Mars and Mirana. A user in the Dota 2 subreddit named ‘Kraizin’ calculated the odds for rare sets dropping.

These are the three rare sets available in TI10’s Collector’s Cache.

Tiny - Ancient Inheritence - Rare:

Tiny Rare TI10 Collector's Cache

Mars - Forsworn Legacy - Very Rare:

Mars Very Rare TI10 Collector's Cache

Mirana - Spirit of the Sacred Grove - Ultra Rare:

Mirana Ultra Rare TI10 Collector's Cache

Chances To Get Rare Sets When Buying 15 TI10 Collector’s Cache Treasures

  • Tiny - 66.94%
  • Mars - 19.68%
  • Mirana - 2.66%

Cost: $37.35 USD

When a player purchases 15 TI10 Collector’s Cache treasures in the Dota 2 Battle Pass which will give them all the normal quality sets, a Tiny rare set will drop for them more often than not. However, it is very unlikely that they will receive the Mars set or the Mirana set.

Chances To Get Rare Sets When Buying 30 TI10 Collector’s Cache Treasures

  • Tiny - 99.90%
  • Mars - 82.44%
  • Mirana - 19.96%

Cost: $74.75 USD

On purchasing 30 TI10 Collector’s Cache treasures, you can improve your chances of receiving a Tiny rare set to a near certainty. You will also most likely receive Mars’ very rare set. However, your chance of receiving a Mirana ultra rare is still very low.

Chances To Get Rare Sets When Buying 50 TI10 Collector’s Cache Treasures:

  • Tiny - 99.99%
  • Mars - 99.92%
  • Mirana - 63.98%

Cost: $124.50 USD

When you spend $125 Dollars, you are almost certain to receive the Tiny rare and the Mars very rare sets. You will also more than likely receive the Mirana Ultra Rare, but it is still not a certainty.

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Details of TI10 Battle Pass Collector’s Cache

Battle Pass owners can purchase TI10 Collector’s Cache for $2.49 each. This treasure will be on sale for 30 days. Like almost all TI Battle Pass treasures, each purchase of Collector’s Cache will contribute 25% of its sales directly to The International 10 prize pool.

Battle Pass owners can also earn Battle Pass levels by opening multiple TI10 Collector’s Cache treasures. 

  • By opening 1 treasure, the user will receive 2.5 Battle Pass levels.
  • By opening 8 treasures, the user will receive 9 Battle Pass levels.
  • By opening 15 treasures, the user will automatically receive 36 levels of Battle Pass 2020. 

In addition, all unnecessary items can be reforged and get 2 more levels for a combat pass.

The sale of the TI10 Collector’s Cache for Battle Pass owners will come to a close on 2nd August 2020.


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