OG N0tail on How and When He Almost Quit Dota 2.

Vignesh Raghuram
24/Jun/2020 10:07 am

In the recently concluded BLAST: Bounty Hunt tournament, N0tail and OG finished in second place. They only lost out to the eventual winners Team Secret in the Grand Finals. The tournament had a casual vibe to it and featured multiple fun segments including an in-depth analysis of heroes and one more with Kyle talking to captains of the teams competing in this tournament.

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Perhaps the most interesting of these segments was the one with OG’s captain N0tail. Kyle and N0tail talked about various topics including on how N0tail went pro, how his parents reacted to his career, why N0tail almost quit Dota 2 and a discussion on OG’s philosophy.

N0tail Considered Quitting Dota 2

In one of these segments, N0tail talked about the time when he almost quit Dota 2. He stated that this was right after TI5 (where he competed with Cloud9) before he co-founded OG. 

N0tail and OG Dota 2 after winning TI8

There is a very simple saying: “Seeing is believing, believing is seeing.” The first one is a very common one, you see something with your own two eyes, you believe that to be real and you believe that something that can happen again and now you’ve seen it. 

The other one: “believing is seeing”, without having witnessed it, without having experienced it, you still try to create something, that to me is still just as true. Our imagination as a species is something else, we sent a couple of humans back into the space station and what goes into that is an immense amount of technical work, physical work, time, dedication - crazy achievement. 

It is the same thing for us in Dota, we try to create the things that we know we can create, but sometimes we have to do things without having done them before. Belief is really powerful, it is what gets me really going. A belief that there is something that can be done, something more that can be done, something nice, something beautiful can be created. Whether it’s how we play or how we draft, that’s what it is really all about.

N0tail and OG are currently competing in the BEYOND EPIC: Europe & CIS tournament. Their next match is against Team Secret scheduled to take place against Team Secret on June 24th.


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