[Watch] BTS Pro Series 2: Team Wins 3v5 After 2 Disconnects

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Jun/2020 07:27 am

In a nearly unbelievable show of tenacity and grit at the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas, American team PlusOne lead by carry player dnm, beat their opponents Plasma 3v5, after two players from their team disconnected from the game due to network/power outage issues.

Against the odds, PlusOne’s carry dnm pulled off the impossible victory by purchasing a Divine Rapier on his Troll Warlord and holding his own in a 3v5 scenario.

The Setting

American team, PlusOne is currently competing in the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas. The team is kind of unique in the region considering the fact that they have players from both North America and South America.

PlusOne’s Roster:

  • dnm (United States)
  • Ched (Canada)
  • Jano (Mexico)
  • Wij (Argentina)
  • Xuan (Canada) 

In Game 2 of PlusOne’s series against Plasma at the BTS Pro Series Season 2: Americas, PlusOne’s midlaner Ched (who was playing Void Spirit) disconnected from the game around the 24-minute mark. Later, his teammates revealed that there was a power outage in his place.

Disconnect in the BTS Pro Series 2: Americas Dota 2 Tournament

The pause timer ran out, following which the admin had to resume the game. PlusOne played 4v5 with one of their players microing their disconnected Void Spirit. Unfortunately, just a minute later, in the 25-minute mark, their Position 5 player, Xuan also disconnected from the game.

Second Disconnect in the BTS Pro Series 2: Americas Dota 2 Tournament

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dnm’s Impressive Troll Warlord Carry 3v5

Hence, PlusOne was forced to play 3v5 for the rest of the game. All the pressure was on dnm who had all the farm, to carry his team to victory. dnm duly delivered with a fantastic performance. With his team holding on 3v5, dnm purchased a Divine Rapier with which he carried his team to victory.

In a ridiculously clutch teamfight he almost solo’d the entirety of his opponents to claim the win.

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This is perhaps the first instance of a team winning 3v5 in a professional match after 2 of their players disconnected due to internet issues. Previously, with Monkey Business, N0tail played as both the Tiny and IO after Cr1t was forced to disconnect from the game.


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