OG To Let Go of Second Team, OG.Seed Following TI10 Postponement

Shounak Sengupta
8/Jun/2020 03:03 pm

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  • In November of 2019, OG announced that they would be fielding a second Dota 2 team under the OG.Seed tag. 
  • With the current season having been postponed indefinitely, the team has announced that they will be letting go of the second roster. 

Back -to-back TI champions, OG announced the formation of OG.Seed last year, a second Dota 2 lineup representing the organization which would be mentored by the main squad. The plan was always to let go of the roster at the start of the third major as Valve rules stipulated that two teams belonging to the same organization could not play in the same tournament. 

However, with much of the current season being cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement that TI10 has been postponed to next year, OG have announced that they will be letting go of the roster immediately. With team’s having to majorly take part in third party tournaments that aren’t a part of the DPC, OG found that fielding two teams is a potential cause for conflict of interest.

“We worked with other teams and Tournament Organizers to try to find a solution, but despite our efforts, we realized that it was still probably a little too soon to try to properly implement multi-team ownership.reads the official statement. The organization also mentioned that they will be giving the team a 1 month notice period till July 1st to help them find a new home. 

OG.Seed Roster:







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