Valve Removes TI10 Side Shop and Replaces It With Recycling

Vignesh Raghuram
5/Jun/2020 09:05 am
  • TI10 Battle Pass Side Shop was removed and replaced with the old Immortal recycling system.
  • The daily Gauntlet challenge no longer requires Gauntlet tickets.
  • Weekly Wagering has also been restored to its old version, simplifying it.

After scores of complaints from the community and a lot of whining, Valve has removed the Side Shops and has replaced it with recycling immortals. 

The new side shop feature, which was partially inspired by Dota Underlords which allowed players to spend ‘gold’ obtained through the Battle Pass to buy item sets or Battle Pass Treasures and even Arcanas has been removed. 

Recycling Immortals

  • 4 Immortals can be recycled to obtain one additional Immortal treasure.

  • For players who had previously consumed their Immortals to generate gold, Valve has stated that the system will backfill their progress on this replaced system and grant additional immortal treasures as appropriate.

    For example: if you’ve already recycled two Immortals for gold, you only need to recycle two more Immortals to receive an additional treasure.
  • If players still had gold and wished to continue rolling in the Side shop, they can do so by using the “dota_show_sideshop command” in the console.

With this, Valve also removed the ticket system required to enter the daily Gauntlet challenge. Players only need to have the Battle Pass to compete in it. 

The wagering system has also been restored to the one used in previous TI Battle Passes, simplifying it.


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