China’s Exclusive TI10 Battle Pass Trailer Looks Super Cool!

Vignesh Raghuram
4/Jun/2020 08:44 pm
  • An exclusive trailer featuring the best parts of the Battle Pass has been released in China.

Despite the complaints, the TI10 battle pass has largely been successful for Valve, with most fans being content with the cosmetics and the features it offers. It has racked up over $38.4 Million for Valve in just over a week after its release. It has surprised many in the community since they did not expect it to surpass TI9's prize pool. 

It continues to hold strong maintaining a consistent lead over the previous year's battle pass. How has it managed to do that? Well, perhaps it has something to do with its marketing in China.

The Trailer

Although there hasn't been too much marketing in the Western scene to promote the Battle Pass, it is a completely different scenario for China. For instance, a hype trailer for the Battle Pass was exclusively released for Chinese Dota 2 fans, that is unavailable for any of the other regions.

Valve or its Chinese partner Perfect World has traditionally run a lot more promotions for Dota 2 in China compared to the rest of the world. No one can forget TI9 (which was held in Shanghai, China) being advertised on Air China flights and on the Shanghai Metro.

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It is likely that Valve (or its Chinese publisher Perfect World) has put out these promotions in a bid to attract the whales - someone who relatively spends exponentially more money than the average player on free-to-play games. 

In a report published by Game Analytics, it was revealed that China has more than twice the number of whales in the USA and that they tend to spend (in average) more than the US ones.


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