Team Adroit’s Midlaner Mac Reveals Which Teams He Considers as the Top Three in SEA

Vignesh Raghuram
28/May/2020 10:23 am
  • In an interview with VPEsports, Mac states that "Fnatic, TNC, Boom or Geek Fam" are the 3 best teams in SEA.
  • He also spoke about what makes Adroit a strong team and what the SEA region needs to do to become as strong as Europe or China.

Team Adroit has had quite a decent run in the SEA Dota 2 circuit in recent weeks. They won the WeSave! Charity Play tournament in the SEA region and finished 2nd at ESL One: Los Angeles Online - SEA. They’ve still done pretty well in recent tournaments like the Hephaestus Cup and the Asia Spring Invitational securing some high placements.

So it is kind of surprising to see Mc Nicholson "Mac" Villanueva’s comments on the Top Three teams in SEA.

In an interview with VPEsports, Mac responded to a question on what teams he considers as the Top 3 in SEA by saying:

“As of now, Fnatic, TNC, Boom or Geek Fam are probably the top three teams in SEA.”

Strength of the SEA Region and What Makes Adroit a Strong Team

Mac also spoke about what makes Adroit a strong team stating:

“The major factor that has given our team a strong foundation is that we stick together irrespective of the results. The team learns from every mistake, loss or win. We’ve been teammates for more than a year now, and we treat each other like family.”

He also commented on the strength of the SEA scene. However, he still stated that SEA pubs were still quite toxic.

“I believe the SEA pro scene has grown to be a lot more competitive in the last few years. Right now, there are a lot of good, stacked teams. For pubs, not a lot has changed. You still find players that are toxic and considered as ‘cancer’, players that won’t adjust if they don’t get their desired role.”

He also spoke about what the region needs to do in order to become as strong as Europe or China.

Aside from creating or coming up with unique playstyles and strategies, I think SEA needs to be more consistent and disciplined, and I think we are heading in that direction.

You can read the full interview HERE

Team Adroit is currently competing at ESL One Birmingham 2020 - Online: Southeast Asia. They will kick off their journey in the playoffs against Geek Fam later tomorrow in the lower brackets.


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