Streamers are having some Unsavoury Issues with Valve’s New Guild System

Vignesh Raghuram
27/May/2020 10:04 am

Valve’s new guild system has largely been successful, providing players with some sense of community and rewarding with a large number of Battle Points in the process. Many of us are also having fun with the newly introduced group chat mechanics.

However, one part which we are not too fond of is the guild invites. Many of us just receive way too many guild invites from our friends which is outright annoying. However, that looks like nothing compared to the issues that popular Dota 2 streamers are facing.

Streamers are being spammed from anonymous players with unsolicited ‘Dick Pics’ placed on the Guild’s Picture and frequently had to cut their streams short because of it.

Valve Releases Fix

Valve released a short patch later, to fix this issue. Now players can block these guild invites by using the command below, in the console:

dota_guild_ignore_invites true/false

Players who are annoyed with dealing with a number of Guild Invites from your friends can now choose to add this command to ignore all of them.


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