N0tail Reveals When Topson Will Return to Play for OG

Vignesh Raghuram
16/May/2020 09:36 am
  • N0tail revealed that Topson might be coming to Europe by the beginning of next week.
  • However, he doesn't want to give a concrete date because he doesn't know if it is 100% confirmed.
  • He also talked about EU, SEA and NA Pubs.

OG had one hell of an intense series against Nigma earlier yesterday at the ‘Gamers Without Borders’ tournament. After managing to clutch out a 2-1 victory, N0tail hopped into Gorgc’s stream and discussed the game.

Topson's Return Date

Towards the end, he revealed that Topson might be coming to Europe by the beginning of next week.

“Good F**king news, we’re probably going to be able to wheel that sucker in not too long. I am very excited. Last I heard is that, beginning of next week, he might be coming in. I don’t wanna give any final date, because I don’t know if he is 100% confirmed but this is the prospect so far.

So yeah, bringing Topson back. Pogson.”

Topson also hinted at his return to Europe earlier this week on his Instagram. Stating that he was “Back in action soon”.

Image Courtesy: Topson

N0tail on SEA Pubs, EU Pubs and NA Pubs

N0tail also talked about Topson in SEA pubs, and then dissed NA pubs, saying:

“Either he got stronger, either he got better, or he broke, one or the other. I am sure he missed Europe pubs. Europe pubs are the best ones.

NA pubs are the lowest quality, f**king trash shit ever. Sorry not sorry, they’re so bad, everybody is angry, everybody is toxic, you have some guy high out of his mind mana draining creeps in the jungle, and this is like the Top 1000, this is the best NA has to offer.”

For the last few weeks, OG has been playing with Ceb standing in for Topson while MidOne plays in 200 ping all the way from Malaysia.


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