Indian Copypastas Take a Hold of Twitch Chat

Vignesh Raghuram
12/May/2020 08:53 am

First off, let’s agree that Twitch chat has one of the weirdest hive minds on the internet. You really cannot predict what becomes a meme or a copypasta. Remember the whole Mercedes Benz ordeal? Twitch chat was initially quite annoyed and angry at ESL for running so many advertisements on their stream. But then, they made it a meme and gave the Mercedes Benz E-Class sedan more reach and staying power than ESL intended. 

Now, it looks like copypastas based on India and Indianised names is the latest fad on Twitch chat. Chat has been assigning Indian names to foreign teams/players and have made a weird but hilarious meme.

The Meme Explained

It all started with BOOM ID (now renamed as BOOM Esports; maybe it was because of this   ). When the team started seeing some success in the international scene, many Indonesians decided to spam ‘Indo Pride’ on the chat, to express their love for the team.

Twitch chat decided to call them an Indian team, spamming ‘Indian Pride’ to intentionally trigger any Indonesians in chat. This eventually spread to other SEA teams with no connection to India, where they were all called Indian Pride by Twitch Chat. 

This slowly started spreading to International teams, with many western players/team being called Indian pride and has since evolved into the current form where chat makes up Indianised names and an Indian background for Top-tier players.

The Copypastas

Here are some of the new copypastas for these players.

Chat names Western teams:

No[o]ne goes from India to Pakistan to Nepal:

S4 a Substitute Calculator:

SumaiL plays for OmGuru

Cr1t an IIT graduate:

The fact that the above copypastas are just blatantly untrue and absurdist makes them hilarious. This just proves that Twitch chat can come up with some organic, amusing memes of they just put their heads together and try.

Update: 08:00 PM IST | 12th May 2020

Looks like Team Secret has also decided to take part in the fun.


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