Ceb is not Happy with the Current Dota 2 Patch, Calls the Gameplay Depressing.

Vignesh Raghuram
7/May/2020 08:33 am
  • Ceb calls the current patch and its gameplay "Depressing".
  • He wants an increase in Kills/Assists Gold, likely to increase the likelihood of comebacks and teamfights.

The 7.26c patch was released earlier this week, with sweeping changes to multiple heroes’ talent trees as well as the overall gameplay attempting to slow down the death-bally meta and allow comebacks to happen in a far more regular basis.

It looks like the average game length has gone up by a little, as a result. 

Image Courtesy: GOSU.AI

However, games still feel snowbally with no opportunity to mount a comeback for the most part. 

One of the bigger changes of the 7.26 patch was the reduction in Kills/ Assists gold by 50% which made comebacks extremely hard and has placed more emphasis on the laning stage and getting that initial momentum. It has also reduced the amount of team fights, making it a boring game for spectators.

Ceb's Tweet

Two-time TI winner Sébastien "Ceb" Debs also expressed his frustration with the patch.

He wants an increase in kills/assists gold which would likely encourage teamfights and comebacks, making for a far more interesting game.

Since the 7.26 patch only released a couple of weeks ago, it looks like we'll have to wait quite a bit before another big patch can come in to change the dynamics of the game.


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