Iceiceice Still Hasn’t Received the 1v1 Trophy That He Won at TI3

Vignesh Raghuram
23/Apr/2020 12:04 pm
  • Iceiceice still hasn't received his 1v1 tournament trophy from The International 2013.
  • It has been close to 7 years since that tournament concluded.
  • The player has talked to Valve about this but is yet to receive the trophy.

We all know Valve time is a ‘well-documented’ part of the company's history over the years. But this is actually ridiculous   .

For those unaware, Singaporean offlaner, Daryl Koh "iceiceice" Pei Xiang won the 1v1 tournament that took place at The International 3 way back in 2013. He beat out some of the finest midlaners of that era including Dendi, Ferrari_430, s4 and finally Mushi in the grand finals to claim the trophy.

Except, he still hasn’t received it. It has been close to 7 years, and the player still hasn’t received the trophy. The player revealed this on his stream yesterday. 

The 1v1 Trophy

The player lamented on the fact that he still hadn't received the trophy, by stating:

“I am pretty sure that they threw it away. I told them to send it to me, but it didn’t appear. I guess it is gone. I tried to ask some Valve people about it, nope nothing.

I still like them. But it would be nice to get the trophy, you know.”

First the Battlepass, now this. Valve needs to start delivering soon!


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