Back To Winning Ways - Virtus.Pro Win ESL One LA After Grand Finals Slugfest

Shounak Sengupta
19/Apr/2020 08:40 pm

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  • Virtus Pro win ESL One Los Angeles Europe Division. 
  • The team took down OG in the grand finals 3-2. 

The Russian Bears, aka Virtus.Pro showed that they still have the ability to win championships after taking down OG 3-2 in the grand finals of ESL One Los Angeles. Both teams were of course playing in the online Europe division, after the tournament was moved online due to the current global COVID-19 pandemic. While the tournament had no DPC points to offer, it will still be a big boost to VP's confidence as the team have been struggling in the current season prior to this tournament. 

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OG Impress Despite 2 Substitues

This was VP's third win against the reigning world champions, OG as they took them down in the group stages followed by the winner bracket finals and the grand finals. For OG, it was an impressive showing, considering the team were only playing with just 3 players from their actual roster. Additionally, Sumail was playing with a significant ping difference from NA. Meanwhile, 4 members of VP were in a bootcamp and had their entire roster under the same roof. 

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Noone's Heroics Give VP the Edge

In the grand finals, Resolution's Axe just took over the game for VP as OG found themselves unable to approach creep waves from pretty much the 12 minute mark. But in true OG fashion, OG still wiped out VP while defending their high ground, but the lead was simply too much for them to fight through. VP made little mistakes from that point onward and closed out the game easily. Game 2 was a whitewash in the opposite direction as OG ran through VP's lineup rather easily. Between their 3 cores, OG had just one death and VP's group up and push strat never really came online. 

In the third game of the series, VP could not stop Sumail's Morphling from going out of control as the youngest ever TI winner, styled on the Russian's after being allowed acres of space in the early and mid-game. Not to be outdone, No[o]ne answered back in the 4th game, going 22-0 on his Templar Assassin to even up the series. OG were never really in the game and kept getting caught by Resolution's Batrider, time and again as VP built up their lead and choked them out. 

Noone's performance stood out in the grand finals

With the score tied at 2-2, the final game was a fitting end to the series as for the first time in the series, both teams were able to stay close in terms of networth and map control. But as the game progressed, the long drawn teamfights helped VP, who were able to play around with their Bristleback and Storm Spirit. With OG relying heavily on two high cooldown spells in Global Silence and Blackhole, VP played patiently, using good positioning to engage and win the fights on their own terms. After a good teamfight, VP never let their foot go off the pedal as OG fed their heroes one by one and were forced to call the gg. 

For VP, the win nets them USD 60,000 but more importantly, some much needed confidence going into whatever is in store for them as a team in the coming months. For OG, it was a great way to show the world that no matter the roster, no matter the players, its the system that always seems to work and the OG spirit will keep on taking the team to new heights every time. 


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