[Watch] SumaiL Carries OG to Victory Against Team Secret with Triple Divine Rapiers

Vignesh Raghuram
17/Apr/2020 09:01 pm
  • OG managed to 2-0 Team Secret in one of the most entertaining matches of this year.
  • In Game 2, SumaiL on his Gyrocopter bought 3 Divine Rapiers to carry his team to victory from a 40k networth deficit.
  • OG will now play Virtus.Pro in their next Upper Bracket match.


OG managed to 2-0 Team Secret in their much-awaited bout at the ESL One LA Online League Playoffs and how? In one of the most insane endings we’ve seen in 2020, OG came back from a 40k net-worth deficit on the back of SumaiL’s Triple Divine Rapier Gyrocopter to secure the win.

OG vs Team Secret

Game 1: The first game saw OG destroy Team Secret in just 18 minutes. They just ran over Secret over and over again until they were forced to ‘GG’ out of the game.

Game 2: The early stages of the second game made it seem like Team Secret managed to give OG a taste of the medicine, save for SumaiL. In the end, that proved out to be their undoing. SumaiL single-handedly dished out the damage while the rest of his team provided him with heals and lockdown enabling him to do that.

Just look at these fights. Absolutely insane.

Fight 1 with 1 Divine Rapier:

Fight 2 with 2 Divine Rapiers:

Final Fight with 3 Divine Rapiers:

Full Highlights:

After this absurd win. N0tail talked about OG and how they managed to pull off the victory.

OG will now face Virtus.Pro in their next match of this spectacular ESL One Los Angeles Online League Playoffs. It promises to be yet another cracking matchup.


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