Nigma Knocked Out of ESL One LA Online After Picking a Support Sniper in Game 2

Vignesh Raghuram
17/Apr/2020 01:00 pm

Image Courtesy: Epicenter

  • Nigma has been knocked out of the ESL One LA Online League after losing 2-1 to Chicken Fighters.
  • Nigma won Game 1 convincingly but picked a Support Sniper in Game 2 which might have cost them that game.
  • Chicken Fighters will play the winner of the Alliance vs matchup later tomorrow.

We don’t want to say they kinda had it coming, but the fact is that Nigma has been knocked out of the ESL One LA Online League after choosing to pick an ‘unorthodox’ support Sniper in Game 2 against Chicken Fighters.

The Chicken Fighters team, featuring the likes of SoNNeikO, Era and SabeRLighT- will now move on to face the winner of the Alliance vs matchup.

Nigma vs Chicken Fighters

Nigma opened up the series with a fairly dominant performance in Game 1. Carry Miracle~ on his Morphling had a stellar game putting up a 16/1/14 scoreline. However, in Game 2, like always, Nigma decided to mix things up a little.

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They chose to pick up a Support Sniper for KuroKy in the second game. Although Nigma utterly dominated the first 25 minutes of the game, Chicken Fighters mounted a comeback on the back of their Meepo taking advantage of the lacklustre supporting cast of Nigma to secure the win.

The third game saw Nigma resort to standard drafts. However, the Chicken Fighters managed to outplay them and secured a huge 3rd game victory in just 27 minutes, knocking them out of the tournament.

At least Twitch chat and many fans of Nigma’s rivals are having a joke at the team’s expense after this loss.

Image Courtesy: /u/luigitrash

Coming up next, we will see Alliance taking on This match will be followed by the big one: OG vs Team Secret for the first time this season.


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