Adroit Still Stands Undefeated at the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia

Vignesh Raghuram
15/Apr/2020 01:03 pm

Filipino team Adroit has continued racking up the wins in recent days. After their fine performance in the ESL One LA Online League, the team has stepped it up in the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia and currently sit right below Fnatic, boasting 3 wins and no losses in the tournament.

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Reality Rift got off to a scintillating start in this tournament, against BOOM Esports (who beat TNC Predator recently) winning the game 2-0. Unfortunately, they’ve had to face two of the strongest opponents in their group back-to-back after that match. They’re now 1-2 in the win-loss ratio.

Adroit vs Reality Rift

Game 1: The first game between the two sides was a stomp in the favour of Adroit. Reality Rift opted to pick-up an early-game heavy lineup and was looking set to hold out for a victory. But in a quick turn of events Adroit managed to take control of the game with some aggressive play in the mid-game and won the game in a hurry.

Game 2: This one was far more even with both teams battling each other in a back-and-forth game. Reality Rift managed to carve out a lead in the mid-late game stages and was headed for victory with their superior lategame lineup featuring a Spectre on Drew. But some fantastic play from Natsumi on the Riki made sure that Adroit could burst down the Spectre, allowing him to secure the victory for his side.

Later tomorrow we will see Fnatic fight BOOM Esports while Geek Fam takes on Team CR.


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