TNC Predator Loses to BOOM Esports at the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia

Vignesh Raghuram
12/Apr/2020 10:16 am

Image Courtesy: Starladder

  • BOOM Esports Beat TNC Predator 2-0.
  • 2nd straight loss for TNC Predator against BOOM Esports
  • TNC Predator now have a 1-1 win-loss record.

TNC Predator underwhelmed yet again after they lost 2-0 to Indonesian team BOOM Esports at the BTS Pro Series: Southeast Asia. This is a disappointing result for fans who expected the team to perform much better, especially after their convincing 2-0 victory over T1 earlier in the tournament.

BOOM Esports was simply superb and were in control of the series. They didn’t slip up and were always in the prime position to take the series. And they did, thanks to some great performances from Dreamocel and Mikoto.

BOOM Esports vs TNC Predator

Game 1: The first game saw BOOM Esports dominate right from the get-go with their fast-paced play utilizing their Drow Ranger to perfection. TNC Predator never really had a foothold in this game and lost their barracks in 21-minutes, forcing a GG call 10 minutes later.

Game 2:  BOOM Esports managed to win the first game on the back of a ridiculous performance from Dreamocel’s Slark who dominated the game right from the start picking up first blood and snowballing hard. Backed up by Mikoto’s Ember Spirit and Fbz’s Beastmaster, the Indonesian carry disintegrated the TNC lineup and forced out the GG in 31 minutes.

Earlier today, Geek Fam managed to secure a 2-1 victory against T1.

The next game will feature Geek Fam taking on Fnatic in the final series of the day.


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