Arteezy Rages After Teammates Deny Him

Vignesh Raghuram
11/Apr/2020 11:56 am

Image Courtesy: Dota Shaman

We were treated to one of Arteezy’s rare streams yesterday. The player entertained his fans with a multitude of matches over the course of 10 hours which resulted in a peak of 20,000 viewers.

The highlight of his stream came when Arteezy turned around a teamfight with his Monkey King. However, his teammates decided to grief him by denying the player, resulting in the player ‘Malding’, exclaiming "DON'T DENY ME YOU F**KING MORONS!."

It is a hilarious moment, of course, but it also gave us a glimpse of the old Artour who used to rage at anything and everything.


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