Dendi’s B8 Esports Removes Carry ‘pio65’ from its Roster, “He definitely still has a lot to learn.”

Vignesh Raghuram
28/Mar/2020 10:02 am

Earlier yesterday, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin’s B8 Esports underwent its first roster change replacing carry Alexandr "pio65" Zalivako with Swedish player Steve "Excalibur" Ye.

Later on B8 Esports’ Offical Podcast, Dendi commented on why pio65 had to depart from the team.

“We took a young player, but he definitely still has a lot to learn. It takes time because it is impossible to “grab” all this so quickly.

For my part, I tried to give as much time as possible for Sanka [pio65] to open. I tried to help him as much as I could. I talked to him, discussed all kinds of questions, raised all kinds of topics. We could continue to play, try to solve some issues, improve, progress and so on. But I think we just have such a stage that we don't have time. So we have to try to move on.”

Image Courtesy: B8 Esports

Excalibur has been playing for Team Singularity for about four months. Earlier yesterday, the organization announced the dissolution of the Dota 2 roster. It is surprising that Excalibur has joined this roster considering the fact that the rest of the players are all from the CIS region.

Dendi revealed that the team will switch to communicating in English, like the TI3 Na’Vi since Excalibur doesn’t speak Russian.

B8 Esports’ new roster will be

  • Steve “Excalibur” Ye

  • Danil “Dendi” Ishutin

  • Andrey “Ghostik” Kadik

  • Rinat “KingR” Abdullin

  • Nikola “LeBronDota” Popovich


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