Hide yo Wives! Hide yo Maidens! Wifestealer is on the prowl

Vignesh Raghuram
26/Mar/2020 08:50 am

Ever since WePlay! has become mainstream, they’ve made some of the best sketches and out-of-game content that we’ve ever seen in the Dota 2 scene. 

Some of their best and most memorable content pieces include the Drow Ranger’s amazing dance, Phantom Lancer and other Dota 2 heroes singing “We will rock you”, and the recreation of the ‘Woman yelling at a Cat’ meme in Dota 2.

It looks like WePlay! has gone and upped its meme game once again with a hilarious skit, featuring Lifestealer as ‘Wifestealer’, a notorious stealer of (you guessed it) wives. Alright, we know it sounds stupid. But take a look, this is amazing.

Everything about this is so amazing. From the wives absolute looks of terror.

To Ember Spirit’s face when Wifestealer pops out of an apple.

To Slardar’s look of compassion towards Naga Siren. I mean we all just want someone to look at us, like how Slardar looks at Naga Siren.

Just an incredible skit. Hats off WePlay! You’ve wowed us again.


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