Adroit Defeat Ana and TNC Predator in the WeSave! Charity Play Semifinals

Vignesh Raghuram
22/Mar/2020 03:15 pm

What a series! TNC Predator and Adroit went toe-to-toe against each other pulling out one of the best matches we’ve seen in weeks. Both teams were seemingly equally matched, however, Adroit managed to pull off the victory in the end to claim a place in the Grand Finals.

TNC Predator vs Team Adroit

The first game went to TNC Predator by virtue of a great performance from Ana’s Slark who showcased that he hasn’t lost a step, even after his long hiatus. However, Adroit won the second game convincingly to push it into a deciding Game 3.

Game 3 was by far the most tense game in this series with back and forth teamfights. Although, Adroit held the lead in the early game, TNC Predator managed to make their way back into the match with some great teamfights and stellar Phantom Lancer play from Ana.

Natsumi evened the odds with his Divine Rapier Troll Warlord. Some tense teamfights around the Roshan pit saw both teams use multiple buybacks to keep the game even. 

The game-deciding moment came when Adroit managed to win a clutch teamfight in TNC Predator’s base and secured the win.

However, one thing was clear, Ana has not lost any semblance of skill after his long break. He is still an insane carry.

Adroit will now play against Geek Fam in the Grand Finals of the WeSave! Charity Play SEA Division on March 24, 08:00 PM SGT.


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