DJ talks about new DPC system and why the Epicenter Major Cancellation is a Blessing

Vignesh Raghuram
21/Mar/2020 08:07 am

Djardel Jicko B. "DJ" Mampusti, who will now be playing in Fnatic for the fifth year in a row, finally won his first LAN with the team at The Summit 11. VPEsports managed to get a hold of him for an interview where they spoke extensively about various topics including the Summit 11, the cancelled Major and the new 7.25 patch.

But one of the more interesting answers was his response to what he thought about the new DPC season. He says:

“Hectic schedule, less prize pool, only 3 Majors. Feels bad. But I think it’s good for the lower tier teams.”

He also says that there is definitely more room for improvement.

“They should bring back the 3 Majors with $3M prize pool, like in 2016. It would be more hype.”

DJ also revealed that his wife is pregnant and that he is expecting his baby girl to be born soon. Hence he was glad that the Epicenter Major was cancelled.

“My baby girl will be born soon and I’m gonna be here in the Philippines with my wife when that happens. Epicenter Major cancellation is a blessing in disguise.”

You can read the full interview on VPEsports' website.

Congratulations are in order for DJ and his wife as well. Earlier this week, Dota 2 commentator Tobiwan also became a father.


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