Chinese Coaches LaNm, rOtK Bash Na’Vi and their Coach

Vignesh Raghuram
9/Mar/2020 05:11 pm

Image Courtesy: ESL | Helena Kristiansson

Team Aster managed to win the third Minor of the season convincingly beating out the rest of the teams and claimed a place at ESL One: Los Angeles 2020. 

Immediately after winning the tournament, Team Aster’s stand-in coach Zhang “LaNm” Zhicheng called out Na’Vi’s coach on his personal Weibo account.

“Why no Ukrainian media interviewed me asking about my expectation for the upcoming Major? I have to say that I am not sure about what we will be able to achieve, but Na’Vi is going to finish No.15/16 for sure.”

(Translation via VPEsports)

These remarks were likely in response to Na’Vi’s coach Andrey "Mag" Chipenko’s interview with Daniil Leonov, where he stated that Aster weren’t the favourites to win the 3rd Minor:

“To be honest, after passing to the major it doesn’t matter who comes from the minor. But objectively, Alliance and Gambit are the main favorites. Team Aster wouldn’t definitely name, they are weaker than RNG in Bukovel”

Before LaNm’s interview, however, ViCi Gaming’s coach Bai “rOtK” Fan also responded to this interview on his Weibo page. He stated:

“You are going to pay for your outrageous words, you little punk.  Who gives you permission to taste the tea? And you also dragged RNG into this blasphemy? Weak? What? I will see what you bring to the show at the Major, since all you rely on is a guy called s1mple. Now you think pretty highly of yourself, huh?”

(Translation via VPEsports)

Note: Tasting the tea is a Chinese meme. If Aster loses a game, the Chinese community says that it was because the tea was too cold. If they win, they say the tea was too hot and the opponents got burnt.

Mag hasn’t responded to these comments.


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