Unconfirmed: Aster Sccc might miss ESL One LA Major 2020 After Losing Passport

Vignesh Raghuram
9/Mar/2020 09:21 am

Team Aster won the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor Season 3 in scintillating fashion by defeating Alliance 3-1 in the Grand Finals. The Chinese team only dropped a single game throughout their entire run in the Minor. Hence fans were excited to see this team compete against some of the best in the world. However, it looks like it might not happen.

After winning the Minor, Aster’s support player Pan "Fade" Yi made a post on Weibo. He said:

”I have been to Kyiv, 3 times in 3 years and got 2nd place once and became champion twice. Very pleased to win the Minor, but now we have a few VISA issues. I don’t know if I can qualify for the Major.”

(Translated and edited for grammar and clarity)

He then followed it up with replies elaborating the situation. 

  • Sccc, Chyuan and Fade are yet to obtain VISAs for the tournament.

  • It turns out that Sccc (Aster's carry) originally had a visa to the United States, but had lost his passport and now has to reapply to get a new one.

  • They had already tried to process their visa to the United States in China (if they qualify), but the US embassy in China had closed the VISA procedures due to the coronavirus outbreak. They will now try to process it in Ukraine, as a last resort.

  • However, it is unlikely that it will be processed since Team Aster hasn't stayed in Ukraine for more than 14 days (the standard quarantine time).

(Courtesy: /u/yjygwzs)

It looks increasingly likely that Invictus Gaming might be the only Chinese team who might be able to make it to the 3rd Major of the season (Since they already obtained VISAs for The Summit 11 Minor held in the USA) because of the ongoing Coronavirus situation.

The other two Chinese teams EHOME and RNG are yet to post updates about their situations.


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