PPD on Coaches: “These are people who wanted to be players, that just weren’t good enough”

Vignesh Raghuram
8/Mar/2020 10:53 am

TI5 Champion Peter "ppd" Dager has always been a controversial figure in the Dota 2 scene. He has a history of making blunt (often true) statements, which can sometimes rub up against people the wrong way. 

In an interview with the Position 6 podcast, ppd stated his opinions on coaches. The player said:

“I think that a Dota team is made amongst the 5 players in the team. That dynamic of the 5 players needs to be exceptional if you need to be a great team. If somebody that actually thinks that they can help benefit that team dynamic, then I am all for it. But being able to do that in a healthy way is very very difficult.

There are so many teams where the coaches become players and I just think that you guys just hired your replacement and you didn’t even know.”

The host of the Podcast, Dan Offen, then asked ppd about whether he was jealous of teams that have coaches like Heen or Sunbhie who seem to know what they were doing or if he thought it wasn’t something that he needed. Ppd responded that he wasn’t jealous of them.

“I think that players like Heen, Sunbhie, Bulba; These are people who wanted to be players, that just weren’t good enough and just gave up on the idea of powering through the toughness to take a coaching job with a team that they couldn’t get on.

I know that sounds harsh but that’s kind of the truth of it. I don’t really want someone like that to be a part of my team.”

You can listen to the full podcast HERE.

ppd also talks about various other topics like the new DPC system, the roster shuffles of NiP, their preparations for the ESL One: Los Angeles Major, what he would like to do after hanging up his playing gloves, amongst other things.


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