Korean Powerhouse T1 Announce Their Dota 2 Roster After Months of Teasing

Shounak Sengupta
3/Mar/2020 12:52 pm

Known for being one of the most dominant teams in League of Legends, South Korean organization, T1 have finally confirmed the full lineup for their Dota 2 roster. The organization owned partially by SK Telecom have one of the most successful teams in LoL history and will now look to transition that same success into Dota 2.

The teams is largely composed of players from SEA, with Korean veteran Forev leading the charge. The 28-year old was one of the first names to have been confirmed by the organization, dating all the way back to August if 2019. He will be joined by Dominic ‘Black^’ Reitemeir, a player who has played in the highest levels of competition in as many region across the world. The 26-year old German will be the carry player for the team. For mid, the team have recruited SEA prodigy, InYourDream. The young Indonesian won a Minor in the early part of last  season but has largely been absent from competitive Dota otherwise. While Forev himself will play the offlane role, another Indonesian player, Jhocam will join the squad as the position 4. Having made a name for himself in BOOM ID, it will be interesting to see how he gels in an international lineup. Finally, rounding up the roster will be support player, Xuan, a Chinese/Canadian professional who has played mostly in tier 2 NA stacks. 

The mix of players seems interesting but to be fair slightly underwhelming considering the organization. For a team that boasts superstars such as Faker in their organization, it is certainly stark to see their Dota squad devoid of a name of that caliber. Nonetheless, the team has enlisted the help of 3 coaches including MP, Xfreedom and Xyun along with legendary LoL manager cCarter, who will be in charge of the team.

While the team will have to fight it out from the Open Qualifiers in the next set of DPC events, their ultimate goal would be to win a TI for T1, making them the first org to win both Worlds and T1. 


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