Alive Game!? Dota 2 Experiences Growth in Player Base

Vignesh Raghuram
1/Mar/2020 09:57 am

It looks like the reports of Dota 2’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. The Dota 2 player base has had an uptick in the number of average players, pushing it to over 405k in February 2020. This is the highest average concurrent players we’ve had since September 2019 (just weeks after TI9).

The percentage growth compared to January 2020 was over 7.14%

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Image Courtesy: Steamcharts

This is a massive resurgence in the player base, especially considering the fact that in January 2020, the player base dropped to the lowest we’ve seen since January 2013. This was most likely due to the imbalanced 7.23 patch which added neutral items to the game.

With the 7.24 patch rebalancing neutral items and reducing their effectiveness, the player base has returned.


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