TNC Eliminated From The DreamLeague Season 11: Leipzig Major despite TIMS’ heroics

Vignesh Raghuram
24/Jan/2020 05:03 pm

Image Courtesy: DreamHack | Adela Sznajder

The defending Major champions, TNC Predator have been knocked out of the DreamLeague Season 13: Leipzig Major after a nerve-racking 2-1 loss to Team Liquid. TNC Predator will bow out of the tournament 450 DPC Points, to boost their total to 5450 DPC points.

TNC Predator never really looked too comfortable with the current meta coming into this tournament and in the Group Stages. However, with wins over Fnatic and Reality Rift, the team looked like they were finally getting into their element. However, this devastating loss proves that the SEA juggernauts are still not in top-notch shape in this patch.

TNC Predator vs Team Liquid

Game 1: The first game saw Team Liquid dominate right from the get-go with their fast-paced play utilizing their Drow Ranger to perfection. TNC Predator never really had a foothold in this game and lost their barracks in 26-minutes, forcing a GG call 10 minutes later.

Game 2: TNC Predator struck back with a fury in Game 2 with Armel and Gabbi putting on clinical performances to choke Team Liquid’s farm from the map. While Micke’s Morphling was able to hold the line for quite some time, with several smart item decisions TNC eventually managed to overwhelm the Europeans to claim victory.

Game 3: The 3rd game was a pure outdraft by Team Liquid. With no BKB-piercing counters for their Taiga Enigma, Team Liquid grabbed a hold of the momentum. However, the SEA team managed to claw their way back into the game on the back of TIMS’ phenomenal Earthshaker performance.

They attempted to counter the Liquid draft with an absurd amount of heal from the Omniknight and their Chen. While they did win multiple fights, on the back of buybacks and clutch heals, the Europeans were always in control with their looming Enigma threat.

TNC simply couldn’t counter the Double Black Hole. However, TIMS managed to carve out a small chance of victory with an insane Aegis steal. With Taiga also whiffing his Black Holes Gabbi got overzealous and died to Liquid’s burst damage, leaving him without buyback and handed the game to Team Liquid.

In the end, to cut it short, TNC Predator lost out to an uncountered Enigma pick by Team Liquid. It was always going to be an uphill battle. A checkmate, that Blitz (Coach of Team Liquid) drafted against them. Perhaps with a permanent coach, TNC Predator would be able to better prepare for these situations.

Team Liquid will now advance to face their arch-rivals Alliance in a battle to secure a Top 4 placing.


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